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Little Saints

Get your Mini Myler or Diddy Dylan rugby-ready with Little Saints in 2014, the popular coaching sessions for 2 to 7-year-olds running at Franklin's Gardens, Olney Rugby Club and Braunston!

Little Saints is designed specifically for the age group and intended to help young children develop their fundamental movement skills through interactive play and structured games and activities. This is aimed at improving your child’s coordination skills.

The Little Saints programme is the first step in your child’s development allowing them to make new friends and improve their self-confidence within a group while also tackling a number of activities ranging from kicking, running, passing and agility based skills.

Each session costs £6.50. Booking fees are incurred for one-off session bookings, but these are waived if you book for all available sessions. Full dates and session venues are listed below.

By joining the programme you will also receive:
- Little Saints T-Shirt
- Certificate
- Medal

To register please call Dionne Jelley on 01604 599116 or email us by CLICKING HERE

Mondays | Sept 15 - Nov 24 9:30-10:15am 2-5 SOLD OUT
10:30-11:15am 2-5 CLICK HERE
Wednesday | Sept 17 - Nov 26 3:30-4:15pm 2-4 CLICK HERE
4:30-5:15pm 5-7 CLICK HERE