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Budgen battle benefits Hobbs-Awoyemi

Danny Hobbs-Awoyemi in action for the Saints in the Mobbs Memorial Match © www.atsportphoto.com

Academy News Budgen battle benefits Hobbs-Awoyemi

There may be 21 years between the two props, but Danny Hobbs-Awoyemi says the challenge he faced against former Gardens favourite Chris Budgen in the Mobbs Match was a good learning curve against one of his most awkward opponents yet.

Tight-head Budgen spent the best part of seven years with the Saints and while the 41-year-old retired from the professional game over the summer, he remains an active servicemen and part of the Army’s rugby setup.

At the other end of the scale, Hobbs-Awoyemi was a Saints debutant only this season, that before his 20th birthday earlier this month.

With that gulf in experience in mind, Hobbs-Awoyemi certainly had his hands full at scrum time!

“It was an interesting experience,” he told the Saints Podcast. “Having spent the weeks before playing against players my age in the Six Nations it was good to get back in the mix against such an experienced prop.

“It’s another learning curve for me. You learn quite a lot from a situation like that and I paid a lot of attention to his setup.

“He knows a lot of little tricks of the trade which make it awkward for you to get into a good position, almost making you move in a way that benefits him.

“It was a real battle but I could see he was tiring out and towards the end I think I managed to get on top a bit.”

In his full interview with the official Saints Podcast, Hobbs-Awoyemi also talks about his time with England Under-20 over the Six Nations period, also looking forward to the Junior World Cup in New Zealand.

Also including east midlands derby preview chats with Alex King and Tom Wood, you can download the Saints Podcast for FREE on Friday simply by CLICKING HERE!

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