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Saints to trial radical experiment

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Club News Saints to trial radical experiment

Northampton Saints has been chosen to trial a radical new experiment that could change the face of rugby scores forever.

From next season, goal kicking in the Saints’ pre-match age group tournaments will see the current points scheme maintained if the ball goes between the uprights, but points will be doubled should the kicker hit the post or crossbar instead.

So if the ball goes through the posts for a conversion it will be worth two points, but if the attempt hits the post it will be worth four points. And if a penalty or drop-goal hits the woodwork it will be worth six points instead of the usual three.

The trial has been proposed by a special working group set up to promote more positivity in rugby stadiums.

“For years we’ve heard nothing but groans when the ball hits the upright instead of going over,” said group spokesperson Del Browndavoti. “It takes a special amount of skill to hit the post instead of getting the ball between them, and we want to see that rewarded. We also want to hear the ‘thud’ of the ball hitting the woodwork followed by a resounding cheer!

“Of course we have to trial it first, like every new initiative, and where better else to try something out than in the Saints’ pre-match tournaments, after which we’ll be able to get feedback from coaches and players from across the East of England and beyond.

“We think that this trial could be a resounding success, and after that, who knows? More points for backheeling a conversion, perhaps, or taking the kick with your wrong foot. We’ve forgotten about the ‘football’ part of Rugby Football and want to give that part of the game the promotion it deserves.”

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