My Moment - Fabrice Slegers

Luther Burrell makes abreak during the Saints' home win over Irish © Getty Images

Club News My Moment - Fabrice Slegers

My story starts from the moment I moved to the UK from Belgium. After visiting my girlfriend in the UK a couple of times I soon acknowledged how important rugby is in this country.

Of course as every good lad does I met her parents who live on the edge of Northamptonshire and soon me and her dad would go down to the pub for some beers and watch rugby or football. For the most of you this is just a regular pub visit cheering for your local team (well your girlfriend's dad’s favourite rugby squad), but for me this was a bit different.

As I said before I moved over from Belgium which means I don’t have the slightest understanding of rugby. The only thing I knew was that it is played with the ‘same’ ball as American Football and that you can’t pass forwards, which was already much more than most ‘European’ guys!

Not long after I saw the first game I grew really fond of the game and bought an e-book ‘Rugby for dummies, in a day’ and started to ‘understand’ the rules. Some months passed and my birthday was coming up, not really expecting any big gifts form my girlfriend’s parents, but then it happened. Paul and Deb, my girlfriend’s parents, as lovely as they are bought me a ticket to the penultimate Saints game against London Irish just before the play-offs started - I was surprised and very happy to receive this amazing gift.

On the day as responsible adults and to allow for a few beers, we took the train from the tiny station Wolverton to Northampton and enjoyed one of the greatest games of the season. I was lucky enough to stand at the end where almost every try was scored and to this day I still hold the ticket and a ball, which unfortunately landed on a spike of the fence during practice and blew up.

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