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The Barwell Stand

Over the past decade Franklin's Gardens has been packed time and again with supporters getting behind the Saints in domestic and European competitions.

Since 2001 the stadium has been expanded three times from a capacity of just under 10,000 to 13,591, with the site being developed from an old wooden Members' Stand, small terrace and temporary stands into a purpose-built venue that is the envy of rugby clubs throughout the country and a place which receives rave reviews from the media.

The time has come to expand Franklin's Gardens once more. The new Barwell Stand, which will replace a Sturtridge Pavilion that has stood for over 50 years, will take the capacity over 15,500. It is the single biggest leap in capacity in the history of Franklin's Gardens, and every effort is being made to ensure that the development is financially viable and sympathetic to the area immediately surrounding the stadium.