Phil Dowson

Back Row

Oct 01, 1981
Guildford (England)
190 cm
108 kg
Phil Dowson

Player Biog

It’s hard to imagine a Saints side without Phil Dowson and after being the most featured Saints player in 2013/14, the durable flanker heads into his sixth year at the Gardens.

In all, 36 of the Saints 39 games in the 2013/14 season included appearances for Phil, whose role as captain in Dylan Hartley’s saw him help lift both the Aviva Premiership trophy and Amlin Challenge Cup.

The back row is not alien to silverware either, having lifted the Saints’ first major domestic trophy – the LV= Cup – in his first season at the club.

The Guildford born, former Newcastle Falcon hit a half-century with the Saints just 18 months into his time at the club before committing his future to the club by signing a contract extension.

Top of the stats again and a regular on the scoresheet at the start of 2011/12, Phil’s form proved hard to ignore for England head coach Stuart Lancaster, who awarded the Saxons Churchil Cup winner a long overdue and triumphant first cap against Scotland at Murrayfield.

He obviously impressed as Phil was again involved over the summer of 2012, included for England's tour of South Africa, also skippering his country against the Barbarians at Twickenham.

A new contract in took ‘Dows’ into a fifth season and beyond, his century in black, green and gold marked with a man of the match performance in a victory at Newport.


21/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsRep00000
27/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyRep00000
04/10/2014Aviva Premiership   London IrishRep00000
11/10/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksRep00000
18/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Racing Metro 92Rep10005
25/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   OspreysRep00000
01/11/2014LV= Cup   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
07/11/2014LV= Cup   ScarletsFL00000
14/11/2014Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsN800000
23/11/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensFL10005
30/11/2014Aviva Premiership   London WelshN800000
06/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoFL00000
13/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoN800000
20/12/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersRep00000
27/12/2014Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsRep00000
02/01/2015Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
10/01/2015Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksN800000
18/01/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   OspreysRep00000
24/01/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   Racing Metro 92Rep00000
31/01/2015LV= Cup   Leicester TigersFL00000
07/02/2015LV= Cup   WaspsFL10005
13/02/2015Aviva Premiership   London IrishFL00000
21/02/2015Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyRep00000
27/02/2015Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsRep00000
07/03/2015Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
14/03/2015LV= Cup   SaracensFL00000
12/04/2015Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
16/05/2015Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersFL00000
07/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
13/09/2013Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsRep00000
21/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
27/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksFL10005
05/10/2013Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersFL00000
12/10/2013Heineken Cup   Castres OlympiqueRep00000
20/10/2013Heineken Cup   OspreysFL00000
26/10/2013Aviva Premiership   SaracensFL00000
03/11/2013Aviva Premiership   London IrishFL00000
23/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
30/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Worcester WarriorsRep00000
07/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterFL00000
14/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterRep00000
28/12/2013Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyRep00000
03/01/2014Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsFL00000
12/01/2014Heineken Cup   OspreysRep00000
17/01/2014Heineken Cup   Castres OlympiqueRep00000
25/01/2014LV= Cup   Newport Gwent DragonsFL00000
08/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
15/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Worcester WarriorsFL00000
23/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
01/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
08/03/2014LV= Cup   SaracensFL00000
16/03/2014LV= Cup   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
22/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksRep00000
29/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersFL00000
03/04/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   Sale SharksFL00000
13/04/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensRep00000
20/04/2014Aviva Premiership   London IrishFL00000
25/04/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   HarlequinsFL00000
02/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyRep00000
10/05/2014Aviva Premiership   WaspsFL200010
16/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersFL00000
23/05/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   Bath RugbyRep10005
31/05/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensRep00000
01/09/2012   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
09/09/2012   Exeter ChiefsFL10005
14/09/2012   Bath RugbyFL00000
22/09/2012   Worcester WarriorsFL00000
28/09/2012   WaspsRep00000
06/10/2012   London IrishN810005
14/10/2012   Glasgow WarriorsFL00000
19/10/2012   Castres OlympiqueFL00000
27/10/2012   SaracensFL00000
03/11/2012   Leicester TigersFL00000
18/11/2012   Newport Gwent DragonsFL10005
24/11/2012   London WelshFL00000
30/11/2012   Sale SharksFL00000
07/12/2012   UlsterRep00000
15/12/2012   UlsterFL00000
22/12/2012   HarlequinsFL00000
30/12/2012   SaracensFL10005
05/01/2013   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
11/01/2013   Castres OlympiqueN800000
19/01/2013   Glasgow WarriorsN800000
26/01/2013   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
02/02/2013   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
09/02/2013   Gloucester RugbyFL10005
16/02/2013   Worcester WarriorsFL00000
23/02/2013   Bath RugbyFL00000
02/03/2013   London IrishFL00000
23/03/2013   WaspsFL00000
30/03/2013   Leicester TigersFL00000
14/04/2013   London WelshFL00000
20/04/2013   Sale SharksFL00000
04/05/2013   HarlequinsRep00000
12/05/2013   SaracensRep00000
25/05/2013   Leicester TigersFL00000
04/09/2011   Gloucester RugbyN810005
09/09/2011   HarlequinsN800000
17/09/2011   London IrishN800000
23/09/2011   Sale SharksN800000
30/09/2011   Worcester WarriorsN800000
08/10/2011   Exeter ChiefsN800000
22/10/2011   OspreysRep00000
29/10/2011   Newcastle FalconsN800000
06/11/2011   WaspsFL00000
12/11/2011   MunsterRep00000
18/11/2011   ScarletsRep00000
26/11/2011   SaracensFL10005
03/12/2011   Leicester TigersFL10005
24/12/2011   Bath RugbyFL10005
31/12/2011   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
06/01/2012   HarlequinsFL00000
14/01/2012   ScarletsFL00000
21/01/2012   MunsterFL00000
04/03/2012   SaracensFL00000
24/03/2012   WaspsFL00000
31/03/2012   Bath RugbyFL00000
14/04/2012   Leicester TigersFL00000
22/04/2012   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
05/05/2012   Worcester WarriorsFL00000
12/05/2012   HarlequinsFL00000
05/09/2010   Leicester TigersFL00000
11/09/2010   HarlequinsFL00000
17/09/2010   Bath RugbyFL10005
26/09/2010   SaracensN800000
02/10/2010   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
08/10/2010   Castres OlympiqueFL00000
16/10/2010   Edinburgh RugbyFL00000
24/10/2010   WaspsFL00000
30/10/2010   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
12/11/2010   Newport Gwent DragonsFL00000
19/11/2010   Sale SharksN800000
26/11/2010   London IrishFL00000
11/12/2010   Cardiff BluesFL00000
19/12/2010   Cardiff BluesFL00000
01/01/2011   HarlequinsFL00000
08/01/2011   Leicester TigersFL00000
14/01/2011   Edinburgh RugbyFL00000
22/01/2011   Castres OlympiqueFL10005
05/02/2011   Yorkshire CarnegieFL00000
12/02/2011   SaracensFL00000
19/02/2011   Bath RugbyFL00000
26/02/2011   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
06/03/2011   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
12/03/2011   Yorkshire CarnegieFL00000
27/03/2011   WaspsFL00000
02/04/2011   Sale SharksRep10005
10/04/2011   UlsterFL00000
15/04/2011   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
19/04/2011   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
23/04/2011   London IrishFL00000
01/05/2011   USA PerpignanFL00000
07/05/2011   Yorkshire CarnegieFL10005
14/05/2011   Leicester TigersFL00000
21/05/2011   LeinsterFL10005
06/09/2009   Worcester WarriorsFL10005
12/09/2009   SaracensFL00000
19/09/2009   Gloucester RugbyN800000
26/09/2009   Yorkshire CarnegieFL00000
04/10/2009   WaspsFL00000
10/10/2009   MunsterFL00000
16/10/2009   USA PerpignanFL00000
24/10/2009   Sale SharksFL00000
31/10/2009   Leicester TigersFL00000
14/11/2009   SaracensFL00000
21/11/2009   HarlequinsFL00000
27/11/2009   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
05/12/2009   Bath RugbyFL00000
12/12/2009   Benetton Rugby TrevisoFL00000
19/12/2009   Benetton Rugby TrevisoFL10005
26/12/2009   Worcester WarriorsFL10005
02/01/2010   London IrishFL10005
17/01/2010   USA PerpignanFL10005
22/01/2010   MunsterFL00000
13/02/2010   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
20/02/2010   HarlequinsN800000
27/02/2010   Leicester TigersN810005
07/03/2010   Sale SharksRep00000
14/03/2010   SaracensFL10005
21/03/2010   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
03/04/2010   Yorkshire CarnegieFL00000
10/04/2010   MunsterFL00000
17/04/2010   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
24/04/2010   SaracensFL00000
08/05/2010   London IrishFL00000
16/05/2010   SaracensFL00000