Calum Clark

Back Row

Jun 10, 1989
Lancaster (England)
193 cm
108 kg
Calum Clark

Player Biog

Workaholic flanker Calum Clark heads into his fifth season with the Saints in 2014/15 having already cracked a century of appearances in black, green and gold.

At just 19-years-old, Calum became the youngest forward to appear in the Premiership with former club Leeds.

The back row’s international honours stretch from Under-18, through the age groups and up to England Saxons, who he would captain in January 2014 for their game against Irish Wolfhounds.

During his first season at the club, at the age of just 21, Calum led the Saints out against Saracens in the LV= Cup and at the end of the season was named Young Player of the Season for 2010/11 having started both the Heineken Cup final and Premiership semi-final.

That was a season in which he made more appearances than any other Saints player, turning out 35 times across all competitions and equally comfortable in both the second and back rows.

Since then, open-side has become Calum’s forte, a blend of dogged and relentless work at the breakdown only surpassed by his unparalleled tackle rate (he made 97% of over 200 tackles in 2013/14).

A regular in England senior squads, Calum will be looking to build upon his recent success with both club and country in the aim of pushing up to the England 1st XV.


05/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
14/09/2014Aviva Premiership   WaspsFL00000
21/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
27/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyFL10005
04/10/2014Aviva Premiership   London IrishFL00000
11/10/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksRep00000
18/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Racing Metro 92FL00000
25/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   OspreysFL00000
07/11/2014LV= Cup   ScarletsRep10005
14/11/2014Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
23/11/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensFL00000
30/11/2014Aviva Premiership   London WelshFL10005
06/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoFL00000
13/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoFL00000
20/12/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersFL00000
27/12/2014Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsFL00000
02/01/2015Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsFL10005
10/01/2015Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksSR00000
18/01/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   OspreysFL10005
24/01/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   Racing Metro 92FL00000
13/02/2015Aviva Premiership   London IrishFL00000
21/02/2015Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyFL00000
27/02/2015Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsFL00000
07/03/2015Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
14/03/2015LV= Cup   SaracensRep00000
27/03/2015Aviva Premiership   WaspsFL00000
04/04/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   ASM Clermont AuvergneFL00000
12/04/2015Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
25/04/2015Aviva Premiership   SaracensFL00000
09/05/2015Aviva Premiership   London WelshFL00000
23/05/2015Aviva Premiership   SaracensFL00000
07/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
13/09/2013Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsFL00000
21/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
27/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksFL00000
05/10/2013Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersRep00000
12/10/2013Heineken Cup   Castres OlympiqueFL00000
20/10/2013Heineken Cup   OspreysRep00000
26/10/2013Aviva Premiership   SaracensFL00000
03/11/2013Aviva Premiership   London IrishFL00000
17/11/2013LV= Cup   London IrishRep00000
23/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
30/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Worcester WarriorsFL00000
07/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterRep00000
14/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterFL00000
21/12/2013Aviva Premiership   WaspsFL00000
28/12/2013Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyFL00000
03/01/2014Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsFL00000
12/01/2014Heineken Cup   OspreysFL00000
17/01/2014Heineken Cup   Castres OlympiqueFL00000
08/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
15/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Worcester WarriorsFL00000
23/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
01/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyFL10005
08/03/2014LV= Cup   SaracensRep00000
16/03/2014LV= Cup   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
22/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksFL00000
29/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersFL00000
13/04/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensFL00000
20/04/2014Aviva Premiership   London IrishRep00000
25/04/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   HarlequinsFL00000
02/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyFL00000
10/05/2014Aviva Premiership   WaspsFL00000
16/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersRep00000
23/05/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   Bath RugbyFL00000
31/05/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensFL00000
03/11/2012   Leicester TigersFL00000
10/11/2012   HarlequinsFL00000
18/11/2012   Newport Gwent DragonsFL00000
24/11/2012   London WelshFL00000
30/11/2012   Sale SharksFL00000
07/12/2012   UlsterFL00000
15/12/2012   UlsterSR00000
30/12/2012   SaracensRep00000
05/01/2013   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
11/01/2013   Castres OlympiqueFL00000
19/01/2013   Glasgow WarriorsFL00000
14/04/2013   London WelshRep00000
20/04/2013   Sale SharksRep00000
04/05/2013   HarlequinsFL00000
12/05/2013   SaracensFL00000
04/09/2011   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
09/09/2011   HarlequinsFL00000
17/09/2011   London IrishFL00000
23/09/2011   Sale SharksFL00000
30/09/2011   Worcester WarriorsFL00000
08/10/2011   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
22/10/2011   OspreysFL10005
29/10/2011   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
06/11/2011   WaspsFL00000
12/11/2011   MunsterFL00000
18/11/2011   ScarletsFL00000
14/01/2012   ScarletsFL00000
21/01/2012   MunsterFL00000
04/02/2012   WaspsFL00000
11/02/2012   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
18/02/2012   Sale SharksFL00000
26/02/2012   London IrishFL00000
04/03/2012   SaracensFL00000
11/03/2012   ScarletsFL00000
18/03/2012   Leicester TigersFL00000
05/09/2010   Leicester TigersRep00000
11/09/2010   HarlequinsRep00000
17/09/2010   Bath RugbyRep00000
26/09/2010   SaracensFL00000
02/10/2010   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
08/10/2010   Castres OlympiqueSR00000
16/10/2010   Edinburgh RugbyRep00000
24/10/2010   WaspsRep00000
30/10/2010   Newcastle FalconsSR00000
07/11/2010   SaracensFL00000
12/11/2010   Newport Gwent DragonsFL10005
19/11/2010   Sale SharksFL00000
26/11/2010   London IrishRep00000
11/12/2010   Cardiff BluesRep00000
19/12/2010   Cardiff BluesRep10005
01/01/2011   HarlequinsRep00000
08/01/2011   Leicester TigersRep00000
14/01/2011   Edinburgh RugbySR00000
22/01/2011   Castres OlympiqueSR00000
30/01/2011   London IrishFL00000
12/02/2011   SaracensFL00000
19/02/2011   Bath RugbyFL00000
26/02/2011   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
06/03/2011   Exeter ChiefsFL00000
12/03/2011   Yorkshire CarnegieFL00000
27/03/2011   WaspsRep00000
02/04/2011   Sale SharksFL00000
10/04/2011   UlsterRep00000
15/04/2011   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
19/04/2011   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
23/04/2011   London IrishFL00000
01/05/2011   USA PerpignanFL00000
07/05/2011   Yorkshire CarnegieRep00000
14/05/2011   Leicester TigersFL00000
21/05/2011   LeinsterFL00000