Courtney Lawes


Feb 23, 1989
London (England)
201 cm
115 kg
Courtney Lawes

Player Biog

Few players in world rugby hit as hard as Courtney Lawes, but while that is an ongoing trait of the second row’s game, he has also added plenty to his locker in recent seasons.

The local boy, raised within a stone's throw from Franklin's Gardens, has progressed to a level where he now indispensable not only to the Saints, but also England too having taken over the responsibility of running his country’s lineout.

A man who appears to be programmed to tackle, his life has been dedicated to improving as a rugby player after beginning his career with local club Northampton Old Scouts and Northampton School Boys.

While still in the Saints Senior Academy, Courtney burst into the first team with a man-of-the-match performance against Montpellier. The habit of performing against opposition from across the Channel was soon picked up and French international scrum-halves Julien Tomas (Montpellier) and Morgan Parra (Bourgoin) both felt the power of the long arm of the Lawes.

After starring for the Saints in the early part of the 2009/10 season, Courtney was drafted into England's squad for the Autumn Internationals, making his national debut against Australia at Twickenham.

Since then he has been an indisputable selection for all England coaches on the international stage and a first Rugby World Cup appearance came in 2011. In fact, only a number of untimely injuries have prevented the lock from collecting more than his current haul of caps.

Having cracked a century of appearances in the 2013/14 campaign, it is easy to forget that Courtney was still just 25 at the start of the current campaign.


05/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbySR00000
14/09/2014Aviva Premiership   WaspsSR00000
21/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsSR00000
04/10/2014Aviva Premiership   London IrishSR00000
11/10/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksSR00000
18/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Racing Metro 92SR00000
25/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   OspreysSR00000
06/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoRep00000
13/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoSR00000
20/12/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersSR00000
27/02/2015Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsSR00000
07/03/2015Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbySR00000
27/03/2015Aviva Premiership   WaspsSR00000
04/04/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   ASM Clermont AuvergneSR00000
25/04/2015Aviva Premiership   SaracensSR00000
09/05/2015Aviva Premiership   London WelshSR00000
23/05/2015Aviva Premiership   SaracensSR00000
07/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsSR00000
13/09/2013Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsSR00000
27/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksSR00000
05/10/2013Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersSR00000
12/10/2013Heineken Cup   Castres OlympiqueSR00000
20/10/2013Heineken Cup   OspreysSR00000
23/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsSR00000
30/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Worcester WarriorsRep00000
07/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterSR00000
14/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterSR00000
21/12/2013Aviva Premiership   WaspsRep00000
28/12/2013Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbySR00000
03/01/2014Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsSR00000
12/01/2014Heineken Cup   OspreysSR00000
17/01/2014Heineken Cup   Castres OlympiqueSR00000
22/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksSR00000
29/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersSR00000
13/04/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensSR00000
20/04/2014Aviva Premiership   London IrishSR00000
25/04/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   HarlequinsRep00000
02/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbySR00000
16/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersSR00000
23/05/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   Bath RugbySR00000
31/05/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensSR00000
14/09/2012   Bath RugbyRep00000
22/09/2012   Worcester WarriorsFL10005
28/09/2012   WaspsFL00000
06/10/2012   London IrishFL00000
14/10/2012   Glasgow WarriorsSR00000
19/10/2012   Castres OlympiqueSR00000
27/10/2012   SaracensSR00000
24/11/2012   London WelshSR00000
07/12/2012   UlsterSR00000
15/12/2012   UlsterRep00000
22/12/2012   HarlequinsSR00000
30/12/2012   SaracensSR00000
05/01/2013   Exeter ChiefsSR00000
11/01/2013   Castres OlympiqueSR00000
19/01/2013   Glasgow WarriorsSR00000
16/02/2013   Worcester WarriorsSR00000
02/03/2013   London IrishSR00000
23/03/2013   WaspsSR00000
30/03/2013   Leicester TigersSR00000
14/04/2013   London WelshSR00000
20/04/2013   Sale SharksSR00000
04/05/2013   HarlequinsSR00000
12/05/2013   SaracensSR00000
25/05/2013   Leicester TigersSR00000
15/10/2011   SaracensRep00000
22/10/2011   OspreysSR00000
29/10/2011   Newcastle FalconsSR00000
06/11/2011   WaspsSR00000
12/11/2011   MunsterSR00000
18/11/2011   ScarletsSR00000
26/11/2011   SaracensSR00000
03/12/2011   Leicester TigersSR00000
10/12/2011   Castres OlympiqueSR00000
18/12/2011   Castres OlympiqueSR00000
24/12/2011   Bath RugbySR00000
31/12/2011   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
11/02/2012   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
18/02/2012   Sale SharksFL00000
05/09/2010   Leicester TigersSR00000
11/09/2010   HarlequinsSR00000
17/09/2010   Bath RugbySR00000
02/10/2010   Exeter ChiefsSR00000
08/10/2010   Castres OlympiqueSR00000
16/10/2010   Edinburgh RugbySR00000
24/10/2010   WaspsSR10005
11/12/2010   Cardiff BluesSR00000
19/12/2010   Cardiff BluesSR00000
01/01/2011   HarlequinsSR00000
08/01/2011   Leicester TigersSR00000
26/02/2011   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
06/03/2011   Exeter ChiefsSR00000
12/03/2011   Yorkshire CarnegieSR00000
27/03/2011   WaspsSR00000
02/04/2011   Sale SharksSR00000
10/04/2011   UlsterSR00000
15/04/2011   Newcastle FalconsSR00000
19/04/2011   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
23/04/2011   London IrishSR00000
01/05/2011   USA PerpignanSR00000
07/05/2011   Yorkshire CarnegieRep00000
14/05/2011   Leicester TigersSR00000
21/05/2011   LeinsterSR00000
06/09/2009   Worcester WarriorsSR00000
12/09/2009   SaracensRep00000
19/09/2009   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
26/09/2009   Yorkshire CarnegieSR00000
04/10/2009   WaspsRep00000
10/10/2009   MunsterSR00000
16/10/2009   USA PerpignanSR00000
24/10/2009   Sale SharksSR00000
21/11/2009   HarlequinsRep00000
27/11/2009   Newcastle FalconsSR00000
05/12/2009   Bath RugbySR00000
12/12/2009   Benetton Rugby TrevisoSR00000
19/12/2009   Benetton Rugby TrevisoRep10005
26/12/2009   Worcester WarriorsFL00000
02/01/2010   London IrishFL00000
22/01/2010   MunsterFL00000
13/02/2010   Newcastle FalconsSR00000
20/02/2010   HarlequinsFL00000
27/02/2010   Leicester TigersFL00000
07/03/2010   Sale SharksFL00000
21/03/2010   Gloucester RugbySR00000
27/03/2010   WaspsSR00000
03/04/2010   Yorkshire CarnegieSR00000
10/04/2010   MunsterSR00000
17/04/2010   Gloucester RugbyFL00000
24/04/2010   SaracensFL00000
08/05/2010   London IrishRep00000
16/05/2010   SaracensRep00000
04/10/2008   Bristol RugbyFL00000
09/10/2008   RC ToulonnaisSR00000
18/10/2008   Montpellier Herault RCSR00000
26/10/2008   SaracensFL00000
01/11/2008   ScarletsSR00000
14/12/2008   Bristol RugbyRep00000
15/01/2009   Montpellier Herault RCRep00000
24/01/2009   RC ToulonnaisFL00000
31/01/2009   HarlequinsRep00000
14/02/2009   SaracensRep00000
22/02/2009   WaspsSR00000
28/02/2009   Newcastle FalconsFL00000
07/03/2009   Worcester WarriorsSR00000
14/03/2009   Sale SharksFL00000
22/03/2009   London IrishSR00000
28/03/2009   Cardiff BluesRep00000
04/04/2009   Gloucester RugbySR00000
11/04/2009   ConnachtRep00000
18/04/2009   London IrishSR00000
25/04/2009   Sale SharksSR00000
01/05/2009   SaracensRep00000
22/05/2009   CS Bourgoin-Jallieu RugbyRep00000
20/10/2007   EsherRep00000
29/03/2008   NottinghamRep00000
05/04/2008   CoventryFL00000