Alex Waller


Feb 14, 1990
Kettering (England)
183 cm
114 kg
Alex Waller

Player Biog

Alex Waller was one of the stars of the 2013/4 season, one that culminated in the loose had prop scoring in the last minute of extra time at Twickenham to secured the Aviva Premiership title for the Saints.

Debuting for the first-team in 2009 after coming through the Academy and making regular appearances for the Wanderers, Alex has been a rising star ever since. Early 2011 proved to be the loose head's first-team breakthrough period as he emerged as a genuine competitor for Soane Tonga'uiha's number 1 shirt, making 19 appearances and scoring his maiden try on his first Premiership start at Gloucester in April of that year.

Alex maintained this pace throughout 2011/12 and right through to the end of 2012/13 - named Saints' Young Player of the Season in 2012 and extending a remarkable run that saw him involved in 83 straight Saints games starting at the 2011 Heineken Cup final.

That run included his 100th appearance in black, green and gold and while it came to an end with a rest week during the LV= Cup, better was to follow.

Alex was called up to the England Saxons squad in January 2014 and after his impressive performance throughout the 2013/4 season, he was also flown out after the Aviva Premiership final to join the senior England squad for the three test summer tour of New Zealand, playing a tour match against Crusaders as his taste for the international stage grows.


05/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
14/09/2014Aviva Premiership   WaspsRep00000
21/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsPR10005
27/09/2014Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyRep00000
04/10/2014Aviva Premiership   London IrishPR00000
11/10/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksPR00000
18/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Racing Metro 92PR00000
25/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   OspreysPR00000
07/11/2014LV= Cup   ScarletsRep00000
14/11/2014Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsPR00000
23/11/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensPR00000
30/11/2014Aviva Premiership   London WelshPR00000
06/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoPR10005
13/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoRep00000
20/12/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersPR10005
27/12/2014Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsPR00000
02/01/2015Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsPR00000
10/01/2015Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksRep00000
18/01/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   OspreysPR00000
24/01/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   Racing Metro 92Rep00000
13/02/2015Aviva Premiership   London IrishPR00000
21/02/2015Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyPR00000
27/02/2015Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsPR00000
07/03/2015Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
27/03/2015Aviva Premiership   WaspsRep00000
04/04/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   ASM Clermont AuvergneRep10005
12/04/2015Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
25/04/2015Aviva Premiership   SaracensRep00000
09/05/2015Aviva Premiership   London WelshPR00000
16/05/2015Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersRep00000
23/05/2015Aviva Premiership   SaracensRep00000
07/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
13/09/2013Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsRep00000
21/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyPR00000
27/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksRep00000
05/10/2013Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersRep00000
12/10/2013Heineken Cup   Castres OlympiqueRep00000
20/10/2013Heineken Cup   OspreysPR00000
26/10/2013Aviva Premiership   SaracensPR00000
03/11/2013Aviva Premiership   London IrishPR00000
09/11/2013LV= Cup   Gloucester RugbyPR00000
23/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsPR00000
30/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Worcester WarriorsPR00000
07/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterPR00000
14/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterPR00000
21/12/2013Aviva Premiership   WaspsPR00000
28/12/2013Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyPR00000
03/01/2014Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsPR00000
12/01/2014Heineken Cup   OspreysPR00000
17/01/2014Heineken Cup   Castres OlympiquePR00000
08/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsPR00000
15/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Worcester WarriorsPR00000
23/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsPR00000
01/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyRep10005
08/03/2014LV= Cup   SaracensRep00000
16/03/2014LV= Cup   Exeter ChiefsPR00000
22/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksPR00000
29/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersPR00000
13/04/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensPR00000
20/04/2014Aviva Premiership   London IrishPR10005
25/04/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   HarlequinsPR00000
02/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyPR00000
10/05/2014Aviva Premiership   WaspsPR00000
16/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersPR00000
23/05/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   Bath RugbyRep00000
31/05/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensRep10005
01/09/2012   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
09/09/2012   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
14/09/2012   Bath RugbyRep00000
22/09/2012   Worcester WarriorsRep00000
28/09/2012   WaspsRep00000
06/10/2012   London IrishRep00000
14/10/2012   Glasgow WarriorsRep00000
19/10/2012   Castres OlympiqueRep00000
27/10/2012   SaracensRep00000
03/11/2012   Leicester TigersRep00000
10/11/2012   HarlequinsPR00000
18/11/2012   Newport Gwent DragonsPR00000
24/11/2012   London WelshRep00000
30/11/2012   Sale SharksRep00000
07/12/2012   UlsterRep00000
15/12/2012   UlsterRep00000
22/12/2012   HarlequinsRep00000
30/12/2012   SaracensPR00000
05/01/2013   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
11/01/2013   Castres OlympiqueRep00000
19/01/2013   Glasgow WarriorsRep00000
26/01/2013   Gloucester RugbyPR10005
02/02/2013   Exeter ChiefsPR10005
09/02/2013   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
16/02/2013   Worcester WarriorsRep00000
23/02/2013   Bath RugbyRep00000
02/03/2013   London IrishRep00000
23/03/2013   WaspsRep00000
30/03/2013   Leicester TigersRep00000
14/04/2013   London WelshRep00000
20/04/2013   Sale SharksRep00000
04/05/2013   HarlequinsRep00000
12/05/2013   SaracensRep00000
25/05/2013   Leicester TigersRep00000
04/09/2011   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
09/09/2011   HarlequinsPR00000
17/09/2011   London IrishPR00000
23/09/2011   Sale SharksRep00000
30/09/2011   Worcester WarriorsRep00000
08/10/2011   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
15/10/2011   SaracensPR00000
22/10/2011   OspreysRep00000
29/10/2011   Newcastle FalconsRep00000
06/11/2011   WaspsRep00000
12/11/2011   MunsterRep00000
18/11/2011   ScarletsRep00000
26/11/2011   SaracensRep00000
03/12/2011   Leicester TigersRep00000
10/12/2011   Castres OlympiqueRep00000
18/12/2011   Castres OlympiquePR00000
24/12/2011   Bath RugbyRep00000
31/12/2011   Newcastle FalconsRep00000
06/01/2012   HarlequinsRep00000
14/01/2012   ScarletsRep00000
21/01/2012   MunsterRep00000
28/01/2012   Bath RugbyPR10005
04/02/2012   WaspsRep10005
11/02/2012   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
18/02/2012   Sale SharksRep00000
26/02/2012   London IrishRep00000
04/03/2012   SaracensRep00000
11/03/2012   ScarletsPR10005
18/03/2012   Leicester TigersRep00000
24/03/2012   WaspsRep00000
31/03/2012   Bath RugbyRep00000
14/04/2012   Leicester TigersRep00000
22/04/2012   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
05/05/2012   Worcester WarriorsRep10005
12/05/2012   HarlequinsRep00000
07/11/2010   SaracensRep00000
12/11/2010   Newport Gwent DragonsRep00000
14/01/2011   Edinburgh RugbyRep00000
22/01/2011   Castres OlympiqueRep00000
30/01/2011   London IrishPR00000
12/02/2011   SaracensRep00000
19/02/2011   Bath RugbyRep00000
26/02/2011   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
06/03/2011   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
12/03/2011   Yorkshire CarnegieRep00000
27/03/2011   WaspsRep00000
02/04/2011   Sale SharksRep00000
10/04/2011   UlsterRep00000
15/04/2011   Newcastle FalconsRep00000
19/04/2011   Gloucester RugbyPR10005
23/04/2011   London IrishRep00000
01/05/2011   USA PerpignanRep00000
07/05/2011   Yorkshire CarnegiePR00000
21/05/2011   LeinsterRep00000
05/11/2009   OspreysRep00000
29/01/2010   Sale SharksRep00000