Mike Haywood


Nov 10, 1991
Southend (England)
180 cm
98 kg
Mike Haywood

Player Biog

Over the course of the past two seasons, Mike has quickly shown that he is far more than a young stand-in for skipper Dylan Hartley at the Saints.

Fine form towards the end of the 2013/14 season saw Mike starting in the Premiership final ahead of the club captain, not to mention eight days earlier in the Challenge Cup final.

Dynamic and tenacious, Haywood’s lineout throwing came on leaps and bounds in 2013/14 and he ended the season on a par with Hartley in terms of percentage hit in the Aviva Premiership.

Before making his way into the Wanderers team in 2010/11, the hooker spent his time learning alongside Hartley and forwards coach Dorian West in the club’s Academy.

His hard work and tuition paid off as Mike was called up by England Under-20 coach Rob Hunter and started four of their five wins en route to a Six Nations Grand Slam and Junior World Championship final in 2011.


04/10/2014Aviva Premiership   London IrishHK00000
11/10/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksHK00000
18/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Racing Metro 92Rep00000
25/10/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   OspreysRep00000
01/11/2014LV= Cup   Newcastle FalconsHK10005
14/11/2014Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsHK00000
23/11/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensHK00000
30/11/2014Aviva Premiership   London WelshHK00000
06/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoHK00000
13/12/2014European Rugby Champions Cup   Benetton Rugby TrevisoRep00000
20/12/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersRep00000
27/12/2014Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsHK00000
02/01/2015Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsHK00000
10/01/2015Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksHK00000
18/01/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   OspreysRep00000
24/01/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   Racing Metro 92Rep00000
07/02/2015LV= Cup   WaspsRep00000
13/02/2015Aviva Premiership   London IrishHK00000
21/02/2015Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyHK10005
27/02/2015Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsHK00000
07/03/2015Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyHK00000
14/03/2015LV= Cup   SaracensHK00000
27/03/2015Aviva Premiership   WaspsRep00000
04/04/2015European Rugby Champions Cup   ASM Clermont AuvergneRep00000
12/04/2015Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
25/04/2015Aviva Premiership   SaracensRep00000
09/05/2015Aviva Premiership   London WelshRep00000
16/05/2015Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersHK00000
23/05/2015Aviva Premiership   SaracensRep00000
07/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
21/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
27/09/2013Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksRep00000
20/10/2013Heineken Cup   OspreysRep00000
26/10/2013Aviva Premiership   SaracensHK00000
03/11/2013Aviva Premiership   London IrishHK00000
09/11/2013LV= Cup   Gloucester RugbyHK00000
23/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsHK00000
30/11/2013Aviva Premiership   Worcester WarriorsRep00000
07/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterRep00000
14/12/2013Heineken Cup   LeinsterRep00000
21/12/2013Aviva Premiership   WaspsHK00000
28/12/2013Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyRep00000
03/01/2014Aviva Premiership   HarlequinsRep00000
12/01/2014Heineken Cup   OspreysRep00000
17/01/2014Heineken Cup   Castres OlympiqueRep00000
25/01/2014LV= Cup   Newport Gwent DragonsHK10005
01/02/2014LV= Cup   SaracensHK00000
08/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Exeter ChiefsHK00000
15/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Worcester WarriorsHK00000
23/02/2014Aviva Premiership   Newcastle FalconsHK00000
01/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Gloucester RugbyHK00000
08/03/2014LV= Cup   SaracensHK00000
16/03/2014LV= Cup   Exeter ChiefsHK00000
22/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Sale SharksRep00000
29/03/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersRep00000
13/04/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensRep00000
25/04/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   HarlequinsRep00000
02/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Bath RugbyRep00000
10/05/2014Aviva Premiership   WaspsHK00000
16/05/2014Aviva Premiership   Leicester TigersHK00000
23/05/2014Amlin Challenge Cup   Bath RugbyHK00000
31/05/2014Aviva Premiership   SaracensHK00000
01/09/2012   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
09/09/2012   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
14/09/2012   Bath RugbyRep00000
22/09/2012   Worcester WarriorsRep10005
28/09/2012   WaspsRep00000
06/10/2012   London IrishHK00000
14/10/2012   Glasgow WarriorsRep00000
27/10/2012   SaracensRep00000
03/11/2012   Leicester TigersHK00000
10/11/2012   HarlequinsHK00000
18/11/2012   Newport Gwent DragonsHK00000
24/11/2012   London WelshHK00000
30/11/2012   Sale SharksRep00000
07/12/2012   UlsterRep00000
15/12/2012   UlsterHK00000
22/12/2012   HarlequinsHK00000
05/01/2013   Exeter ChiefsRep00000
19/01/2013   Glasgow WarriorsRep00000
26/01/2013   Gloucester RugbyHK00000
02/02/2013   Exeter ChiefsHK00000
09/02/2013   Gloucester RugbyHK00000
16/02/2013   Worcester WarriorsRep00000
23/02/2013   Bath RugbyHK00000
14/04/2013   London WelshRep00000
20/04/2013   Sale SharksRep00000
04/05/2013   HarlequinsRep00000
25/05/2013   Leicester TigersRep00000
04/09/2011   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
30/09/2011   Worcester WarriorsRep00000
08/10/2011   Exeter ChiefsHK00000
15/10/2011   SaracensHK00000
22/10/2011   OspreysRep00000
29/10/2011   Newcastle FalconsRep00000
06/11/2011   WaspsRep00000
18/11/2011   ScarletsRep00000
26/11/2011   SaracensRep00000
03/12/2011   Leicester TigersRep00000
10/12/2011   Castres OlympiqueRep00000
18/12/2011   Castres OlympiqueRep10005
24/12/2011   Bath RugbyRep00000
31/12/2011   Newcastle FalconsRep00000
06/01/2012   HarlequinsRep00000
14/01/2012   ScarletsRep00000
11/02/2012   Gloucester RugbyRep00000
18/02/2012   Sale SharksHK00000