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1st XV Club

Have you ever wanted to get closer to the Saints? Well now you can as the 1st XV Club throws open its doors for a new season!

There are loads of reasons to become a 1st XV Club member:

FREE ENTRY for two people into a special event every month
The Laws Made Simple - Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
Christmas Party with the Saints Squad - Wednesday, December 18th, 2013
Six Nations Preview - date TBC
Quiz Night - date TBC
A Day at the Gardens - date TBC
End of Season Gathering - date TBC

PRIZE DRAW every home game, with prizes including the shirt straight off the back of the man of the match

UNIQUE members' only Season Card

COMPLIMENTARY joining gift

EXCLUSIVE statistical breakdown of every Saints game in 2013/14, delivered straight to your email inbox every Monday!

To become a member of the 1st XV Club contact the Saints Ticket Office by CLICKING HERE!

Prize Draw Winners

07/09/13 Player's Shirt: Matthew Pryde; Kit Room Stash: Kieran Davies; Meal with Players: Tom Shea

27/09/13 Player's Shirt: Jon Dickens; Kit Room Stash: Tom Shea; Meal with Players: Carl Raven

20/10/13 Player's Shirt: Ian Gander; Kit Room Stash: David Irwin; Meal with Players: Mark Tindall

26/10/13 Player's Shirt: Ian Johnson; Kit Room Stash: Chris Almond; Meal with Players: Tracey Sawford

09/11/13 Player's Shirt: Elizabeth Talbot; Kit Room Stash: Andrew Birnie; Meal with Players: Mike Bird

23/11/13 Player's Shirt: Peter Milton; Kit Room Stash: Jon Dickens; Meal with Players: Tony Brock

28/12/13 Player's Shirt: Chris Almand; Kit Room Stash: Peter Milton; Meal with Players: Alex Riggs

03/01/14 Player's Shirt: A Cooper; Kit Room Stash: T Brock; Meal with Players: M Rance

17/01/14 Player's Shirt: James Jordan; Kit Room Stash: Terry Sparrow; Meal with Players: Michael Slater

01/02/14 Player's Shirt: Geoff Gilbert; Kit Room Stash: Paul Carter; Meal with Players: Mark Tindall

15/02/14 Player's Shirt: Derek Loud; Kit Room Stash: Clare Garner; Meal with Players: Mike Bird

01/03/14 Player's Shirt: Samantha Jones; Kit Room Stash: Debbie Wilson; Meal with Players: Alex Riggs