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Sin Bin Comedy Club

Four times a year, the Sin Bin turns the Rodber Suite into Northampton's biggest and best comedy club, with some of the country's top comedians visiting the East Midlands to have you rolling in the aisles.

The Sin Bin Comedy Club is a full evening out, with the bar open throughout the night and hot snacks available. So whether it is a works do, a fun night for you and your partner, or a special family event, look no further! 

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Thursday, September 24th 2015

SIMON BLIGH is "the funniest comedian I've ever seen," according to Alan Davies, and from his years on QI this is some accolade! Simon has won a Time Out Award and been nominated for a Perrier Award, too, and with over 20 years' experience he is one of the most seasoned comedians on the circuit. He has worked across the globe and now 'the rampant antipope of satire' is heading to the East Midlands!

One of the most intellectual comics in the business, ROGER MONKHOUSE oozes class with every syllable he utters, be it a wry observation or a witty oneliner, all delivered with a laconic, urbane Surrey posh accent, that has not been crushed by far too many years living in the north of the country. A comedy club owner himself when he is not performing, Roger knows exactly what an audience wants and delivers it with a deadly combination of charm, and as e equally cerebral critic put it: ''he packs in more observations on the human condition in a twenty minute set than a whole lecture on Jean-Paul Satre''.

A winner of Best New Act at the Comedy Cafe, PAUL T EYRES was so bored of middle-class values that he converted to Buddhism, only to win the title of world's rudest Buddhist. Despite his everyman appearance, Paul rallies against the stereotypes and assumptions that are ingrained into our culture. Having run a number of comedy nights himself, Paul is also a lively and engaging compere who is much in demand for his ability to get a room going. With his relentless high energy humour and rapid fire delivery, Paul breaks down barriers in way which is often challenging and frequently shocking - inspiring his audiences to laugh, gasp, then laugh some more!

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