Extended Learning

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The Kieron Jones Theatre and Films Company regularly return to the Saints with their ultimate Shakespeare experience.

Shakespeare Works! LIVE consists of a 100% interactive drama workshop, followed by a performance by Kieron and his actors of Shakespeare's classic plays- it's fast, exciting, in your face, authentic Shakespeare with the original language, costume and music!

These great events bring children across Northamptonshire together to understand and enjoy the wonderful world of Mr Shakespeare.


Children work collaboratively in groups to design and build their very own Lego car using Lego Mindstorm software and equipment. Children have the challenge to devise a two wheeled car that is programmed specifically to perform a 360 degree turn.

A three/four wheeled Lego car is then designed and built that can travel in a straight line. The tasks are for the children to estimate the correct speed, direction, time and power for their Lego car to travel between two and park exactly on an A3 piece of paper, and then park it in the "Saints Garage".

Once this has been achieved the car must be park in the garage and then reversed back out. The session concludes with a Grand Prix race to celebrate design, build and control skills.

For more information on the Saints Study Centre please call Pete Austin or Jeanette Campkin on 01604 599152.