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“It was tremendous to see how the youngsters were enthused by what they were doing. It was obvious that they all had had a great week at the Study Centre, and in several cases their experience had been life-changing, bringing the children out of their shell and encouraging them to engage.

“I was also impressed by the outstanding organisation of Pete and the Study Centre team, and it’s clear that they always put the youngsters’ needs at the heart of what they do.

“In a time when services are being put under pressure it is great to see that a club like the Saints puts so much time and effort into their educational support programmes, and I am delighted to have seen my funds being put to such good use.”

Councillor Jonathan Nunn

"It is the ambition of any councillor looking to the future to enable youngsters to do as much as they can, sometimes in the face of great difficulties. Eastfield school and the Saints Study Centre provide exactly such opportunities. I am delighted to be able to help this process with the councillors empowerment fund, not only as a politician, but also as a teacher myself, and a father of five."

Councillor Arthur McCutcheon