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Welcome to Engage. We are an advanced not-for-profit community project, motivated to work with students who are struggling in mainstream education.

The Engage programme works with students aged between 9 and 16 to increase confidence and boost self-esteem.

The programme has been running since 2015 which has involved working with a number of students with complex needs.

Engage uses practical and classroom-based activities to empower students to see the positives in everyday life.

Engage works with the referrer to develop a progression pathway which is specific for each individual student to ensure we are meeting the full needs of the students. 

All of our staff are fully trained and experienced in working with students with educational attainment issues and behavioural problems.

Programme aims:

  • Work together to enable all our pupils to reach their highest levels of personal achievement and take pride in themselves.
  • Provide quality support for all pupils.
  • Provide opportunity for re-engaging in learning and re-integration into mainstream education.
  • Meet pupils' individual needs and to give them the skills to improve their life chances.