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Enabling works continue apace at Franklin’s Gardens

Travis PerkinsSponsored by Travis Perkins

The works were part of the early preparations for the building of the new Barwell Stand and involved the re-location of the stadium’s electricity sub-station.

In all 20 workers, three contracting companies, two cranes and one lorry were used to move the sub-station from its previous position behind the Sturtridge Pavilion to its new location adjacent to the former Shrubbery Terrace.

The relocation has resulted in the closure of the Shrubbery Terrace a year earlier than the rest of the Sturtridge Pavilion, but the works mean that both the demolition of the Pavilion and building of the new Barwell Stand can begin on time next May.

“Regardless of whether we moved the electricity sub-station this summer or next it was always going to be one of the single critical parts of the development of the new Barwell Stand,” said chairman Tony Hewitt.

“We made the decision to move it this summer so that any issues that may have arisen could have been dealt with now, rather than potentially impacting what will be a very tight building schedule.

“I’m therefore delighted that moving the sub-station proceeded without a hitch, and would like to thank the contractors at Western Power Distribution, E7, County Lifting, our project managers and especially Andy Tresias and his stadium team at the club for all their hard work this weekend to ensure that the job was a success.”

Moving the electricity sub-station is just the latest in a series of enabling works that have been conducted at Franklin’s Gardens this summer, including the planting of two new trees to replace those lost by the removal of the shrubbery, and investigations into the composition of the soil in which the Barwell Stand’s foundations will be dug.

“The Barwell Stand is the most complicated development we have embarked on at Franklin’s Gardens, and it has been important that all of the enabling works have been done this summer to reduce the element of surprise or possible delay in 2015,” Hewitt added.

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