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Coach Education and CPD Programme

Northampton Saints’ Coach Education and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Programme is devised to improve the standard of rugby coaching throughout the region.

We reach the coaches working within our Academy, PDG (Player Development Groups) and DPP (Developing Player Programme) initiatives, as well as all rugby clubs and schools linked with the Club in the East Midlands, North-East Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.


  • Put on Coach Education Programmes which include Coaching CPD’s for our Academy Coaches that will further their education and advance their ability to train the next generation of rugby players.
  • Provide three Coach Education days for the PDG and DPP Coaches who are working within our programme.
  • Organise six Coaching CPD’s for linked clubs and schools in both the East Midlands region and North-East Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. For the East Midlands CPD’s we use both Franklin’s Gardens and Olney RFC, and for North-East Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire we use Colchester RFC. These CPD’s are designed to demonstrate to coaches within our linked schools and clubs what we are trying to achieve in our Academy, PDG and DPP Sessions, and what it means to coach 'the Saints way'.

We have a range of topics we cover to show the coaches how we coach in our programme; Talent Identification, Scrum, Line Out, Defence, Attack, Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition workshops.

These CPDs are delivered by Saints Staff, but we also aim to put on CPD workshops from guest coaches from the national team.

The programmes are also linked with England Rugby, the Saints Community team, and constituency bodies such as the East Midlands and Eastern Counties.

We also run CPD workshops for parents to advise them on how our Junior Academy, PDG and DPP Programmes work and run.   

We run a Mentoring Scheme for all our PDG and DPP Coaches, where they are mentored through their programme and regularly gain feedback on the sessions that they have run. This provides them with extra support throughout the PDG and DPP Programme.

2018/19 CPD dates

Friday 24th August - All PDG and DPP Coaches' session with Russell Earnshaw (Franklin's Gardens, 12pm - 5.30pm)

Monday 17th September - Russell Earnshaw session: 'Games of the Future; what do our Training Sessions look like?' for EM coaches (Franklin's Gardens, 6.30pm - 8pm)

Monday 24th September - Russell Earnshaw session: 'Games of the Future; what do our Training Sessions look like?' for EC coaches (Colchester RFC, 6.30pm - 8pm)

Monday 8th October - 'Parents Education Evening: What’s Expected of a Parent?' for EC parents (Colchester RFC, 6pm - 7.30pm)

Monday 15th October - 'Parents Education Evening: What’s Expected of a Parent?' for EM parents (Olney RFC, 6pm - 7.30pm)

Monday 12th November - Mark Hopley session: 'How do we set up a defensive shape in our sessions? What do we focus on skill-wise?' for EC coaches (Colchester RFC, 6.30pm - 8.30pm)

Monday 19th November - Mark Hopley session: 'How do we set up a defensive shape in our sessions? What do we focus on skill-wise?' for EM coaches (Olney RFC, 6.30pm - 8.30pm)


If you would like any more information about the Coach Education and CPD programme, please contact TimGrimsey@northamptonsaints.co.uk.

To book your place at a session, please email KatharineBurrows@northamptonsaints.co.uk.