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‘Life-changing’ Move Like A Pro programme is roaring success at Saints

After 12 weeks of ambitious goal-setting and fervent hard work, Northampton Saints’ lead Move Like A Pro coach Dan Taylor is beaming with the progress made by the programme’s participants.

The health and fitness course concluded last month at Franklin’s Gardens with the 26 participants losing a total of 133.6kg (over 21 stone!) and an impressive 143.5cm from their combined waistlines.

Designed for men aged between 30 and 55, and funded by Movember Foundation, Premiership Rugby’s Move Like A Pro (MLAP) initiative offers both classroom and activity-based health interventions – including physical activity, diet changes, social connectedness and mental wellbeing.

And after seeing those taking part in the scheme making life-changing adjustments and achieving their goals, Taylor admits he was incredibly proud of the group’s development.

“I’m very pleased with the men’s achievements on this programme; the raw numbers highlight how far they came,” he said.

"The programme is no quick fix or fad diet and the results speak for themselves."

Dan Taylor (MLAP lead coach)

“The camaraderie within the group to smash their goals together was just incredible. The team cohesion had such an impact on them and gave them a real platform to build from.

“By making sensible changes you can make a real positive change. The programme is no quick fix or fad diet; it gives you a solid education to make long-term lifestyle changes and the results speak for themselves.

“I’m so proud of what they have all achieved and speak on behalf of them all when I say thank you to Premiership Rugby and Movember for running this initiative.”

Over the course of the 12-week MLAP programme, the group embarked on a step-by-step journey to improve their health, taking educational advice on nutrition and learning different types of strength training exercises.

And the participants echoed Taylor’s optimism, saying the process had been truly revolutionary for them.

“The MLAP course was literally life changing,” Alex Hamilton said. “I’m fitter and thinner than I’ve been for over ten years and feel much better.

“The course taught me more than five years at medical school did about eating healthily and keeping active!”

“I’m fitter and thinner than I’ve been for over ten years and feel much better.

Alex Hamilton (MLAP participant)

Another participant, Rob Fludder, added: “From the moment we stepped through the doors we were put at complete ease and made to feel welcome by the coaching team leading the programme.

“The coaches are so approachable, supportive, fun and friendly and I cannot speak highly enough of them. Not once were we told what we ‘must’ or ‘must not’ eat or drink; rather we were given easy to understand advice, tips and education.

“During the 12 weeks we all became more active, made lifestyle changes, lost weight and inches off our waists.

“Anyone wishing to lose some weight with a group of likeminded fellas, and have a good giggle and make friends in the process alongside a fantastic coaching team, I would recommend joining the next MLAP. You’ll love it – we all did!”

The MLAP group already has its sights firmly set on the future, with the gauntlet already thrown down to climb Snowdonia as a team on July 21.

To find out more about the MLAP programme and how to get involved, please CLICK HERE.

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