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‘Sounds Like the Saints’ with Marshall Amps: Alex Mitchell

MarshallSponsored by Marshall

Marshall Amps, Northampton Saints’ official audio partner, supply the squad with market-leading headphones and amps to help them prepare for matches both within the gym and the changing room.

We sat down with scrum-half Alex Mitchell to find out what music gets him rugby ready…

1. What track is the last thing you listen to before a match and why?

I normally listen to a lot of Bugzy Malone before matches, who is a rapper from back up north in Manchester. I don’t know why, but I have always liked listening to his albums just before playing. I go in-between him and a few other people, just because I am used to him now – it’s not superstitious or anything like that, it’s more just habit, something I do every time.

2. Does your playlist change between training and match preparation – and what is different about them?

Yes it does for sure. For training our music is a lot more upbeat; it tends to be newer music and more of what I’m listening to at that time. Whereas pre-match I like rap music more, but nothing too intense – it doesn’t have to be full-on ‘go’ music. It just keeps me relaxed and in the right headspace to play.

3. If you were to start a band with some of your team-mates – which ones would you pick and what kind of music would you play?

George Furbank would be on bass, because he’s not very talented but he’d look good in there. I’d put Alex Moon on the drums because he just likes whacking things, and he has the long hair look. Lewis Ludlam would have to go on the keyboard because I’m pretty sure he actually plays that and used to do a music degree, and then I’d get Alex Coles singing because he things he’s pretty edgy and would have that vibe as the frontman. I’d be at the back playing the triangle!

4. What’s the last gig you went to?

I haven’t been to a gig in ages to be fair – my last one was probably going to see Chase & Status when I was about 17 at the MEN Arena, which kicked off with some mosh pits.

5. If you could learn to play an instrument, which would you pick?

I’d go with the guitar, just because you can take it everywhere and you could always pull ‘Wonderwall’ [by Oasis] out of the bag if you needed it.

6. If you had to pick a song that represented your life – which one?

That’s a seriously tough question! I’ll go with ‘Truth Hurts’, by Lizzo.

7. Who’s got the worst taste in music in the squad and why is it so bad?

I used to think David Ribbans because all he listens to is Country music, but now I live with him he’s got me into it as well! He’s changed my mind. So now probably I’d have to say Moony; he’s into this dreadful rap/scream metal stuff.

8. What’s your go to karaoke song?

Either MC Smally – check that out on YouTube if you don’t know him – or the classic ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’.

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