Supporter Charter

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Northampton Saints is committed to ensuring that Franklin’s Gardens is a place of enjoyment for all rugby supporters, regardless of the result on the pitch, and where the traditions and values of the sport are upheld proudly, helping make the club the best in Europe


RESPECT for all supporters, customers and visitors and their individual needs and requirements; for the values of the game – enjoyment, sportsmanship and community; and for our opponents

EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE that deals with enquiries and concerns swiftly and efficiently in a courteous and attentive manner, with all supporters and customers feeling their issue has been properly considered and are satisfied with how it has been handled

DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS that keep supporters and customers fully informed where relevant, whether by email, through the club’s online channels, or face-to-face on match days and throughout the week

MODERN AND SAFE FACILITIES, PROCEDURES AND OPERATIONS that help everyone to enjoy their time at Franklin’s Gardens, win or lose. Your safety is paramount

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT that continues the club’s place at the heart of Northampton, using rugby as a force for positive social engagement and cohesion

NO DISCRIMINATION on grounds of gender, age, race, disability or religion. Everyone is equal in our eyes

A LONG-TERM LEGACY of innovation, advancement and stability that builds on over 130 years of history and tradition to ensure that the club will still be at the top of English and European rugby for years to come


GIVE POSITIVE SUPPORT FOR THE TEAM at all times – be our 16th man!

SHOW RESPECT for your club, all players, match officials and other visitors to our stadium

ADOPT A FAIR AND REASONABLE APPROACH to dealing with queries and issues. The club aims to please everyone, but this is a difficult task!

PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK to help the club improve its operations wherever possible. The club welcomes all comments, both positive and negative, and undertakes to treat each and every one with the respect it deserves

BEHAVE APPROPRIATELY at all times before, during and after the match, in the bars and at non-match day events. You create the match day atmosphere, which reflects on the club as a whole

BE A GOOD AMBASSADOR for Northampton Saints. Through wearing our colours you represent the town of Northampton, the club’s values and create our reputation

LET A STEWARD KNOW should you see any behaviour untoward or not in keeping with the supporter charter so that we can address any issues

Everyone at Franklin’s Gardens – team, supporters and staff – can play a part in the bright future of Northampton Saints. By working together and having pride in our club we can make this a place to be proud of and the envy of European rugby